Rhinelander: 715-369-1212

Minocqua: 715-358-2336
  1. Dry Cleaning
    City Cleaners can clean a wide variety of dry clean only garments, from suits and pants to dresses and shirts. Extend the life of your wardrobe with frequent cleaning! Our modern cleaning and pressing equipment will provide odor-free and professionally finished garments so you can look and feel your best. Frequent cleaning of your garments will also help to extend the life of that garment. Protect your clothing investments with frequent cleaning Got a stain? Don't touch it! Sometimes working on a stain at home can set the stain or make it more difficult to remove. When you drop off your cleaning please make sure to mention both the location and the type of stain that you have.
  2. Commercial & Residential Laundry
    We offer laundry services to resorts and business accounts all over the Northwood's area. Our speed and quality will provide peace of mind, so you can spend more time with your guests. For our residential customers, we offer wash, dry and fold of household items plus we will professionally iron your sheets to give you that fresh, crisp finish you like. If you are a resort or business account, we offer peace of mind with pickup and delivery services. Your linens are separated, cleaned and ironed so you can have the quality look your guests desire. Towels and tumbled items are neatly folded and wrapped to protect quality. Call us today to set up an account, or to get more information. Our Rhinelander store number is 715-369-1212.
  3. Shirt Laundry
    If you don't like the idea of ironing your shirts, then you deserve the professional look of our shirts! Look your best with quality pressed shirts! We use modern shirt pressing equipment to give you that fresh, crisp look of a quality pressed shirt. Missing a button? Just let us know when you drop it off and we will gladly replace your button with strong durable buttons that can withstand repeated pressing. If we notice a damaged button we will replace it for you. We offer both no starch and starched shirts and you can have your shirt finished on a hanger or have it folded. Try us today and see how good you look!
  4. Leather/Suede & Fur Cleaning
    We use a professional leather company to clean all types of leather, suede and fur garments. We also offer fur storage in the summer using climate controlled storage. The leather and suede service we offer covers both cleaning and repairs of your garments. Need a snap or zipper fixed or even a patch sewn on, the leather experts can handle just about anything. If you have a fur, we recommend periodic cleaning and glazing of that fur to keep it supple and properly cared for. Every spring we offer special cleaning and storage packages to help protect and extend the life of your investment. Cold vault storage in a climate controlled environment during the summer months is the best protection for your furs!
  5. Wedding Dresses
    We offer both pressing and cleaning services to get you ready for your big day! After the wedding, we have cleaning and boxing services to help you protect that special dress. Memories surround both you and your dress, so protect it for years to come. Planning that special day also means planning to look your best. Don't forget to have that dressed pressed so it looks right for your special day. After that beautiful day, don't forget to protect that dress. We offer several packages to clean and store that dress for future generations. Contact us to see how we can make your day special.
  6. Alterations and Additional Services
    Need it fixed? City Cleaners also has alteration services to get you back in the game! From zippers to buttons, and hems to tears we can handle most repairs! In addition to alteration services, City Cleaners has a wide variety of other services to give you that "one stop" location for all your cleaning needs. Here are some of our other services we offer: ---- Drapery Cleaning ---- Shoe/Boot Repair ---- Pillow Reticking and Sanitizing ---- Mat Rentals ---- Pick Up and Delivery